How We Review

In addition to providing informational articles, we also write reviews of products, items, and accessories within our industry. For our review articles, we follow the guidelines that are set out in the text below, which is in addition to our editorial policy that we follow.

Getting the product

As much as we can, we try to source the items we review via the following methods:

  • Buy the product ourselves
  • Talk to local flooring installers to gain insider information.

We don’t accept freebies sent to us for review because this can cause a conflict of interest.

Reviewing criteria

The criteria for our reviews varies from product to product, but generally we will look for some of the following factors:

Performance – How well the product performs it’s intended function.
Ease of Use – How easy the product is to use, setup and install.
Durability – The building quality, materials used and lifespan of the product.
Price – How the price of this product compares to other similar products in its category.
Features – We also give weight to any additional features or functionality that may make the product special.
Safety – To ensure that no harm occurs to you or your family.

Format of the review

Each review article is written in its own unique way. However, we try to ensure the following sections are included in our roundup reviews:

Buying guide – This is an extensive section that lists all of the factors you should consider when making your purchase.
Individual product reviews – How each product performs and the pros and cons in comparison to other products within the category.


We may give a reward or badge to a product in a category. Generally, these rewards are broken down into 3 different types:

Best Overall – The product which will work best for the majority of people reading the article.
Best Value – The product which will provide the best value for money.
Highly Recommended – The product which may work best under certain circumstances or situations.

Without access

When we cannot access the product being reviewed we may still include it as a recommendation in our content. In these situations, we research existing information about the product from authoritative sources.


If you think that you have spotted an error or there is a serious flaw in one of our reviews then please contact us here and let us know.

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