Noise Reduction Underlay for Laminate Flooring

Hearing loud noises in your home or business can be annoying. If you are tired of hearing your floors clank or creak when people are walking or can easily hear noises transmitted throughout your home then it’s time to do something. That’s why adding noise reduction underlay is the perfect solution. They are easy to install, provide sound absorption, and most of them provide a protective moisture barrier too. These noise reduction underlays are specifically designed to use under laminates and hardwood floors.

Noise reduction underlay provides a barrier between your subfloors and your flooring to help dampen ambient noises. In addition, it provides a cushion to alleviate creaks and clanking on laminate flooring. While laminate flooring offers many benefits, the thinner material can unfortunately allow for greater transmission of noise. The underlayment helps deaden acoustics and sound vibrations to help block ambient noises, like TV or music playing in other rooms of the house. They can also help minimize impact sounds like jumping, running or items dropped on the floor above.

QuietWalk Underlayment With Sound Barrier and Moisture Barrier for Laminate and Engineered Flooring

QuietWalk Underlayment

Made in the USA, MP Global Products makes innovative and sustainable flooring products. Their Midwestern values are instilled in their superior customer service and how they operate their business. Their high-quality products include floor underlayments, heated flooring systems, surface protection, and underdecking. QuietWalk is specifically designed for floating laminate flooring and provides the following benefits:

Sound Protection – Helps to block ambient sounds and impact sounds. Industry sound ratings of IIC 71, STC 66 and Delta IIC 60.
Protects Against Moisture – DriWick technology wicks away moisture while the vapor barrier prevents moisture from affecting flooring. Special fibers prevent mold and mildew as well.
Resists Compression– Dense construction helps support installed flooring above to prevent compression.
Smooths Imperfections – Helps alleviate subfloor preparation with firm yet flexible material.
Insulates – Minimizes chilly floors and can be used with in-floor heating systems too.
Eco-friendly – Made from post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials, with no VOCs and is certified clean and safe for better indoor quality.
Healthier for Families – Hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial for healthier indoor living.

QuietWalk is an excellent noise reduction underlayment and offers great value for homeowners who still demand performance. The product is an upgrade from 2 in 1 polyethylene or polystyrene underlayments, but cheaper than rubber or frothed foam versions.

FloorMuffler Underlayment at Home Depot

FloorMuffler Underlayment

This revolutionary product provides noise reduction and protection from moisture for floors in homes and businesses. FloorMuffler has been in business for over 30 years is one of the most recognized underlayment brands. Known for their innovation, quality and performance, FloorMuffler products provides the following benefits:

Greater Protection Against Noise – their product exceeds building codes and provides superior protection against acoustics.
Better Moisture Protection – Built-in moisture protection that exceeds industry standards.
Enhanced Comfort – Can be used with radiant heated floors and increases R value to cold floors.
Durability – Enhances the compression strength making your floors last longer.
Environmentally Friendly – Recyclable and exceeds Indoor Air Quality emissions.

The underlayment is made from a polypropylene foam and is 2mm thick. Their industry sound ratings are IIC up to 74m STC up to 73 and Delta IIC up to 25. While you might not know what these ratings mean, it translates into better noise reduction for your home.

Eco Cork Foam Underlayment

EcoFoam Underlayment

Created by Palziv North America, EcoFoam is a noise reduction underlayment that is waterproof and has a 6 mil vapor barrier. The company provides world-class engineering and science products focusing on cross-linked polyethylene foam products. Their underlayment products are sustainable and environmentally friendly. EcoFoam underlayment provides the following benefits:

Eco-friendly – Added anti-microbial protection, low VOC emissions and made from renewable lumber sources.
Waterproof – Has a 6 mil vapor barrier already built-in for greater moisture protection.
Comfort – Helps provide warmth and comfort underfoot and can be used with radiant heating.
Stronger – 1/8 inch thickness for better stability and longer floor life.
Acoustic Protection – Industry sound ratings of IIC 72, STC 66 and Delta IIC 23.

EcoFoam’s proprietary cork and foam blend makes this underlayment perfect for laminate floors. One thing to note is that the product is a little more expensive than some of the other underlayments available in the marketplace.

Underlay Applications

Noise reduction underlay can be used in any application and is perfect for single family residences, apartment complexes, condos, college dorms, classrooms, hospitals and more. Businesses that require quieter environments can also benefit from noise reduction underlay for their spaces.

Noise Reduction Underlay Installation

Installing noise reduction underlay is easy! They can be installed in several ways including floating, nailed down or double glue down. To begin installation of noise reduction underlay, first ensure that the subfloor is level and free from dust and debris. If you are installing on a concrete subfloor, make sure that it is dry and has a moisture emission rate less than 3 lbs per 1,000 sqft. Next, start in the corner of the room and install the noise reduction underlay parallel to the wall. Leave at least 2 inches of extra material overlapping the wall. Once the first roll is complete, roll out the next one making sure the seams are slightly overlapping. You can tape the seams together to provide additional protection and make sure they stay in place (for floating installs). Finally install the flooring on top of the underlayment per the instructions from the manufacturer.

Buy Noise Reduction Underlay

If you have never heard of noise reduction underlay before, now is the time to install it in your home. QuietWalk, FloorMuffler, EcoFoam underlayment are the top noise reduction underlay products to buy. The companies that manufacture them are featured on our site due to their high quality, commitment to sustainability, excellent service and core values. In addition to noise reduction underlay, we also offer laminate flooring, in-floor heating systems, and other flooring accessories.

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